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Extended time limits for approved house holder planning permission

Have you been given planning permission to extend your house but are in need of an extra year to get the work done? Starting on 1st October, 2012, the Government has introduced new arrangements for the extending time limits for approved householder planning permissions for a further year.

In the past, planning approvals had been granted for up to 5 years before expiry giving clients plenty of time to start their projects. As economic activity started to peak after 2000, granted approval time limits were reduced to three years to encourage quicker project completions and turnaround.

However, in 2009, with a difficult economic climate, the introduction of 20% Vat on extensions and alterations and downturn in the construction industry combined with on-going austerity measures meant temporary provisions were introduced to allow householders to extend their existing permissions for a further three years at a reduced planning fee (usually about £50). Local Planning Authorities should now have the ability to allow replacement approved permissions for a further year for applications granted on or before 1st October 2010 (previously October 1st 2009).

R Dawson Architect has already acted for several clients who have and are to renew their current applications and were not in a position to start. For clients wanting to take advantage of this current offer, any renewed approvals will include a statement as to how the planners have worked with the applicant in a positive and proactive way, in line with National Planning Policy Framework. They will also subject to renewal have a further three years to start their project.


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