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Architect commissions PV system, Bingley

Solar Thermal and PV installationR Dawson Architect has commissioned a 2.5kWp solar electric photovoltaic (PV) array (electrical power from the sun) to complement the existing solar thermal system (hot water) by using the sun’s power.

The 10 panel system is predicted to reduce the electrical monthly bill by around 50% despite the reduction in the Government’s Feed-in-Tariff to 21p in July for domestic supplies. The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) needed to accompany current installations has now raised the house rating to a ‘C’ which helps to cut CO2 emissions. Richard has a home office and the system selected means it will help to reduce electrical usage beyond energy efficient appliances and low energy lighting. When it’s light and particularly when the sun is shining, it will reduce bills and provide free power for electrical appliances being used at the time.

Richard says he has often been successful in submitting Planning Applications and Listed Building Consent for historical settings or within Conservation Areas which demand a more sensitive design approach. However, in this case, the system was installed under ‘permitted development rules’ meaning planning permission was not required.

The system was installed smoothly and efficiently by EvoEnergy. The initial feasibility phase including the design and technical aspects were co-ordinated by their Halifax office. The on-site phase project controller, Anthony, discussed and agreed where the inverter, micro-generation meter and wiring was to go with their team and arranged testing and commissioning on completion.

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